Nepal River Conservation Trust


Bagmati Mega Cleanup 2070

The Bagmati River cleaning campaign, which began on May 19, 2012 as a collaborative effort of various organizations, was more than a regular weekly cleaning ritual on Saturday. Hundreds of people who have been voluntarily cleaning the Bagmati River took part on Saturday morning.

The Bagmati river, one of the major river systems with cultural, historical and environmental significance in Kathmandu Valley, is tormented under severe environmental degradation basically due to increase in anthropogenic activities, including unmanaged urbanization and development works.

The ‘Bagmati Clean-up’ campaign, initiated about seven months ago and led by the government’s Chief Secretary Lila Mani Poudel, is being organized every Saturday in collaboration with volunteers and representatives from the civil society, communities and non-governmental organizations.

As a part of the campaign, the team involved plans to clean the Bagmati river stretching up to 21 kilometres from Bagdwar to Chovar.