Save the Karnali Campaign

|| The last free flowing river in Nepal || Sacred River Corridor || Most Pristine River of Nepal ||

The Karnali River is the last free-flowing river of Nepal, and home to community subsistence fishing, abundant wildlife, numerous bird and terrestrial species, along with the golden mahseer, a prized sport fish, and some of the world’s best whitewater rafting. Unfortunately the Karnali is also targeted for many hydropower development, would dewater over 100km of the river by forcing the entire flow through a massive underground tunnels in different sections.

The Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT) and Waterkeeper Alliance (WKA) are collaborating to Save the Karnali River from imminent hydropower dams on the main stem. The environmental and social consequences of even one main stem dam has the potential to alter the area irreversibly. The Karnali region should pursue a sustainable hydropower development model to generate  6,000+ MW from other tributaries, while leaving the main stem of Karnali free flowing for ensured conservation of freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem integrity in situ.

  • Help preserve the wild, scenic & the last free flowing river in Nepal.

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  • Conservation Camps with fishing communities in the Karnali River

  • Lobby with local and provincial governments in establishing Mahseer Conservation Area
    in certain section of Karnali river as directed by Karnali River Corridor Management Framework <<<Find the Framework>>>

  • Litigation at Supreme Court for the conservation and sustainable utilization of the  Karnali river

    Get Updates about the Litigation:
    August 04 2023: Case Finally Registered by Register Office at Supreme Court, Nepal  

    August 20 2023: Stay Order Issued